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New York Times - Pasta Dreams And Flying Machines: Our Tuscan Adventure

Last year, we had some leftover airline credit on Norwegian Airlines. On the day it was set to expire, in a panic, I asked my 4-year-old son, Holt, where we should go.

“I love pasta!” he said. “But not with red sauce.”

In retrospect, perhaps I should not have organized an entire trip around trying to prove to my 4-year-old that he did, in fact, like pasta al pomodoro;

he just didn’t know it yet. Yet how could I ignore that ancient proverb of Italy, chiseled above the gateway to every town: Sucus ruber omnibus dilectus, “All love red sauce.”

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  • Ristorante Dopolavoro La Foce
    Strada della Vittoria, 90
    53026 Pienza (Siena)

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Villa La Foce

Villa La Foce

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